Quick Tips for Building Your Personal Brand

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Having a personal brand is essential if you’re an entrepreneur who wants to gain authority in a niche. Business owners oftentimes use their personal brand as the face of their company, while others separate the two. Whatever you decide to do, it’s important to remember that what you post on your social media accounts are live forever (until you go back and erase it), so make sure that you share responsibly. SEO services can be used to help your company with everything from social media marketing to PPC management. Hiring an Internet marketing agency could save you tons of time during the building and management of your personal brand.

The following are some of the things you can do to start creating an online presence the right way.

Get Your LinkedIn Profile Up and Running

CEOs, presidents and everyone else in the food chain have LinkedIn profiles. Why? Because it’s where all the business people hang out, which means more chances of making a connection. It’s an ongoing networking event in the digital realm, which should be put to use right away. Make sure you have a great professional photo, as well as a fully completed profile, listing your skills and experience.

Self-Promote On the Right Channels

It doesn’t make sense to use social networks like Vine, if you’re not into making videos of yourself. Make sure you’re choosing the right channels for your personal brand. A company that offers SEO services can be used to identify the best venues for your marketing efforts. The first step is to find out who your audience is and where they like to hang out.

Post with Your Audience in Mind

A personal brand is more liberal than a corporate brand, but this doesn’t mean you should disregard your audience. For instance, posting controversial topics or political views to an irrelevant audience could send unwanted shockwaves through your campaign. Be intuitive and sensitive about the wants and interests of your audience.

Show Your Personality

You don’t have to talk about your personal life to show some personality. Whenever you post about your business, product or service, mix personal tidbits in there to show you are human. Note that Internet users don’t want to talk to a brand, they want to interact with real people. Overall, your brand voice should come off as authentic.

If you don’t have to the time to manage your personal brand building, consider consulting with a company that offers SEO, social media management and other services required to develop your online identity.


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