3 Ways to Create a More Attractive LinkedIn Profile

Social media has brought total transparency to our world in general. Make sure that you portray and manage a professional image on your social media channels if you don’t want them to backfire on you and your reputation.

What are you doing with your LinkedIn profile to make it more robust and attention-grabbing? LinkedIn is one way entrepreneurs are increasing opportunities and growing their customer-base. It’s especially great for small businesses in the B2B industry. But how you go about optimizing your profile is key. For instance, it’s a good idea to include certain keywords and tags to make your profile easier to find by prospects. An L.A. SEO service can help integrate Internet marketing tactics to improve your profile views. If you do, try to find a Los Angeles company that offers professional SEO and social media marketing services.

It’s very important for the search engine optimization firm to have social media skills, since there’s more to it than simple search engine optimization.

For instance, it’s shown that filling out all areas of your profile can boost your profile visibility compared to only listing your skillsets. However, posting content consistently has also shown to boost your profile views significantly. This means you need an expert who can effectively write for and engage with your particular audience.

Interesting Facts About LinkedIn

A lot of small business owners venture into marketing on LinkedIn because the data shows it’s a great venue to advertise on.

Numbers show that 20 LinkedIn posts monthly can help you reach 60 percent of your audience. But keep in mind that less than half of LinkedIn users use the site everyday. But what makes the network a top choice for entrepreneurs is the fact that it accounts for over 80 percent of a company’s social media leads. You put together all of the other social media leads and it only adds up to about 20 percent.

When surveyed, 77 percent of users claimed LinkedIn helped them with researching companies and people. This means keyword relevancy (aka search engine optimization) is a big factor in enabling this.

According to 76 percent of respondents in a survey, the top feature people love about LinkedIn is its ability to show how many people have viewed your profile. This is available only in premium accounts. The basic premium account allows you to get 15 introductions, which can be useful for referral marketing.

Now, let’s dig deeper into what it takes to make your LinkedIn profile more attractive to users.

Make a Crafty Headline

You have to treat your profile like a biography in a classy magazine. It should be used to toot your own horn, but in an intriguing way. Make sure to use verbs and active language in your proposition. And remember, it’s about what you can offer others, so make sure to point this out. An SEO expert in L.A. that offers social media services can aid in writing the content on your profile.

Upload a Current Professional Photo

This can really make or break your profile, since this is one of the first things prospects look at when visiting your page. They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but few people on social media abide by this rule. You will be judged, so make sure you’re making a great first impression. After all, this may be the only impression you get to make.

Include All of Your Contact Info

What if your profile was so great that prospects wanted to give you a call right away? But they couldn’t because you failed to add or update your phone number? Or what if they would rather email you, but you only had the option to call? Make sure you offer multiple options to users by including all forms of contact, including email, phone, Twitter and company website.

If you’re looking to improve or create a content marketing strategy for you LinkedIn profile, your best bet is to work with an experienced SEO service in L.A.


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