Is it Time to Redesign Your Website?

Treat your website like your store front. Just like content is important for SEO, your web design is important to keep the visitors engaged and keep them coming back. Make sure your web design is responsive so it's mobile compatible.


The look of your website is highly important for attracting visitors and keeping them around. You can think of your website like a piece of real estate. If you want to attract prospects to an old place, you need to do a bit of remodeling. But is it really time to give your website a face lift? You can contact local SEO companies, which can offer evaluation services for your site. Some SEO companies in Los Angeles offer Web design services as well.

The worst mistake a business can make is underestimating the value of their website. You wouldn’t wear a low-quality suit to an important meeting. Nor should you boast a poor-quality website for visitors to see. It is your storefront, so make sure it’s impressive.

The following clues can be telling of a site needing a redesign. Does yours meet the following criteria?

You’re Not Getting the Results You Desire

Goals are essential for making your business a success, but don’t account for much if you’re not reaching them. Your website plays an intricate role in driving results for your organization. It doesn’t matter how great of a design your site has if it isn’t performing optimally. In this case, it’s just taking up digital space. An analysis from a local SEO company can be helpful for pinpointing pitfalls with your site design.

For instance, you may learn that your CTA isn’t converting leads into customers or that your landing pages aren’t conveying enough info to get people to take the next step. It’s also important that your company’s voice match the audience you’re speaking to.

The Direction of Your Site Has Changed

Marketing strategies change, which means you need to switch up your marketing collateral as well. This doesn’t mean you have to do a site revamp each and every time you make adjustments to your marketing goals. Just make sure to analyze your site to see if it still suits the direction you’re going in business-wise. One way to know if a redesign is needed is if your marketing strategy changes will affect your conversion funnel.

A change in the site’s purpose may also call for a redesign. For example, if lead generation is now your focus, then you need to change your content and layout. You could exhibit how-to posts and eBooks, for instance. CTAs should be found on your home page and other areas of the site.

Your Design is Faulty

Are you guilty of having a website built in a rush? A cheap website design can be detrimental to your online branding. Imagine visiting a dysfunctional site – are you going to stick around and try to work through the malfunctions? Likely not. And neither will anyone else. Make sure your website isn’t filled with bugs and other ineffective elements that will chase people away.

Website functionality should be paramount in your quest for a quality website. Without it, you can expect your lead generation efforts to under-perform. Things you want to look into include whether important content is visible, whether the navigation is user-friendly and if the basic elements on your site are easily found. Lastly, make sure all of the product and service information on the site is accurate and updated.

You Lack a Responsive Design

Mobile users make up majority of the Internet users, so it makes complete sense to have a website that is responsive. There’s no longer a need for two sites – one for desktop users and another for mobile users. All you need today is a responsive website design, which will ensure that everyone can access your site. This will also help to push up your site’s ranking.

Local SEO experts are waiting on standby to help companies like yours with website design, so there’s no excuse not to have an impeccable business website!


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