Facebook’s New Emojis and What it Means for Brands

Social media is to staying ahead of your competition. FB has opened up a whole venue for marketers to reach prospects and customers. FB is especially useful for local markets and an SEO services provider can promote your local business on social media in the best light.

We all know how awkward it was to like a post on a friend’s wall that spoke of something horrific, sad or devastating (not in a good way). There was no other way to quickly interact with a post like this, so people were stuck clicking the thumb’s up button. This has been complained about by both SEO company experts and users. There was speculation some months back about Zuckerberg finally doing something about it, and now he finally has.

If you haven’t already noticed, Facebook has five new emotions you can now click on besides “like”, and that includes love, haha, sad, wow and angry. They even have animated faces and symbols to go with it. To use this feature, all you have to do is click and hold the reactions button and you will see all six emoji options pop up. Each post also reveals the top three reactions next to the like button, so you can get a quick view of other users’ reactions.

You can see how this is great news for brands focusing on online reputation management. Imagine writing a post about a new product launch and then seeing users’ reaction to the idea. This adds more insight to how people really feel. Before, people either liked it or didn’t reply. Now, you can see if people are wowed, in love with or just like the idea.

This is groundbreaking for all brands and SEO companies that use Facebook for their social media marketing. Before, we were only able to gauge brand affinity by reviewing how many likes and shares a post receives. A comment had a heftier weight in gold, but could also be a double-edged sword. The issue was that a lot of mobile users were either too busy or lazy to engage with posts and were more likely to simply ignore the post altogether. If someone doesn’t like a post, they get to express strong emotions, like an angry face, which is a lot more than a dislike.

Facebook’s new emojis will encourage user engagement and provide more accurate feedback from your audience. This is a win-win for brands in all industries. Your decision-making will improve and hopefully your strategy will too. Surely, SEO company everywhere are cheering for this feat!


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