5 Things You Didn’t Realize Are Hurting Your Business

In business, what you don’t know really can hurt you. According to one statistical hypothesis test, there are two error types: Type 1 and Type 2. Errors that fall within the first category are considered false positives. For example, believing something is significant when it actually isn’t, like your sales dropping one month and thinking it’s due to quality of production issues. In reality, it may be due to seasonal fluctuations. The SEO experts available in Los Angeles are keen about finding why fluctuations occur.

The errors found in the Type 2 category are the exact opposite – they result in a failure to acknowledge there’s actually a significant problem. For instance, you may fail to see your website design is making a bad first impression, based on incomplete or bad data. Your online reputation is very important, and should be under management of someone knowledgeable, such as an SEO agency in Los Angeles.

Generally, Type 2 errors are much worse – it’s like a fire alarm not going off when there’s a blazing fire in the building. In business, this is a lot worse, since in most cases, leaders fail to ever see what’s actually hurting their company.

This is why it’s imperative that you do whatever you can to learn to spot problems early on. When it comes to your Internet marketing, you can use an SEO service in Los Angeles to keep a watch on things.

The following signs are errors you may not be seeing, but are actually ruining your business.

You’re Doing too Much

It’s pretty exciting being an entrepreneur, but if you’re not careful, you can find yourself easily seduced by a slew of ideas for new products and product improvements. Although many business owners feel like Superman/Superwoman, they’re not. You’re only human, which means you have a limited amount of attention and energy to spare to your organization. If you spread yourself too thin, then you won’t be able to work as efficiently. Try focusing on one thing at a time.

Your Sales Department is Ill-Informed

Your sales team is an important ingredient for your ensuring profits. It makes sense that they be kept in the loop of things that directly affect their job. They need to be well-informed about the products or services they’re trying to sell to consumers. If they can’t explain how to troubleshoot a common problem or answer hard questions, then their jobs become much harder. Ensure that your sales team are informed of new developments and intel as it comes along.

You’re Not Targeting the Correct Audience

Most companies are good at finding a market to sell to, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best audience. If you already have your sights on a particular audience, all of your research will encompass them and why it’s a good idea to market to them. You need to test the markets to see who would be the best to sell to, so that you can boost profits exponentially.

You’re Over-Promising

Again, entrepreneurs sometimes think they’re super beings that can do it all. But the reality is that they will fall short majority of the time, especially when they’re over-reaching and over-promising. Ensure each promise you make can be kept without a doubt. Not doing so will potentially harm your reputation.

You Have Incomplete Marketing

This falls in line with targeting the incorrect audience. Your marketing may be great, and you may even be getting a decent ROI. But are you really doing the best you can? You could be missing out on thousands of website visitors per month or even millions of dollars in potential revenue.

These are just some of the problems your company may be witnessing right now. If you need assistance with finding pitfalls and improving your Internet marketing, consider teaming up with an SEO company in Los Angeles.


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