5 High-Profile Brand Partnerships to Idolize

Wouldn’t it be great if you could replicate the success of others? In business, entrepreneurs are always looking for inspiration from others who have struck gold. Learning from their successes, as well as the failures of our competitors provides excellent insight into what we should and shouldn’t do. Everything should be considered when structuring your business model and strategies, from the materials you use for your products to the SEO agency you use for Internet marketing. The Professional SEO service you hire for your Los Angeles brand should be innovative and experienced in helping businesses gain visibility.

Who you partner with is very important in the business world. Partnerships should be established strategically. Will partnering with that brand allow you to reach a new market? Gain better distribution? Or maybe you can ride the momentum the partner has already established. Of course, any partnership you enter into should be a mutually beneficial relationship.

This past year, we have seen a variety of innovative brand partnerships that were quite successful. Let’s take a peek.

Apple Teams Up with Hermes

These are two highly esteemed brands – one that’s known for its innovative technologies and the other for its luxury fashion sense. Combined, you have a watch that is tastefully smart. One of Apple’s biggest criticism was that it lacked aesthetic appeal. Teaming up with Hermes was strategic on both parts – it allowed Apple to reach markets that were more fashion conscious, and Hermes was able to deliver technology to its current customer base.

BMW Connects with Montblanc

This is an unusual partnership, but was still a success. BMW is a luxury car, so it makes sense to link up with a brand that designs quality luxury travel luggage. These brands both target the upscale market, so it’s a win-win for both parties. Montblanc decided to capitalize on this venture by creating a line of bags that matched the BMW 7 series.

Balmain Marries H&M

We all know how over-priced the fashion world can be. This is what inspired the French couture label Balmain to team up with H&M – to provide runway designs at real-world prices. Social media proved this partnership a success. Not only did they quickly sell out, but their #Balmania hashtag went viral. Having Kendall Jenner promote their brand also helped with their success. H&M was also able to extend from fast fashion to high fashion. An SEO agency can help you create an impactful social media campaign like this one.

Ford & Hearst Sitting in the Tree…

Built Ford Tough is the popular slogan of this car brand, which emphasized this with their partnership with Hearst, publishing a series of 120 pieces of original editorial content surrounding skills and tools every Ford man should possess. These were more than just blog posts – they were ran in Esquire, Road& Track, Car and Driver, and Popular Mechanics.

Covergirl and Lucas Films Converge

There’s no need to go into the popularity surrounding the recent premier of the seventh Star Wars movie, but what’s worth noting is its choice of partnerships. In the past, Lucas Films catered to a predominantly male audience. But this time around, they decided to target women by partnering with Covergirl. They released a limited-edition makeup set that featured a dark side and light via two product lines.

There were a variety of other partnerships that took place in 2015, like Burberry with LINE, Starbucks with Spotify, and Ikea with Dreamworks. Many of the partnerships were unusual, but turned out to be great matches. These examples go to show how brands can strategically team up with other brands. If you are still working on your online outreach, you can team up with an SEO agency that specializes in Online reputation management .


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