4 Ways to Reach Millennial Tourists Using Instagram


Do you have a brand in an industry that relies heavily on visuals, like travel, cooking or fashion? Then Instagram is a plausible outlet for your content. Millions of people have profiles on Instagram, which opens the door for you to reach out to them. Travel businesses can especially find success on Instagram by targeting millennials. According to stats, millennials spent $226 billion for travel in 2015. If you need help with devising a strategy to reach out to this market, you should consult with an SEO agency in Los Angeles. They offer social media marketing services, which include creating and implementing sound strategies.

Channels like television and radio are no longer the best places to market – at least, not if you’re trying to reach out to millennials. This worked for the youth in the past, but today, you will find them on social media networks. Instagram is, in fact, one of the best places to look for them, since they spend majority of their time here, posting and sharing photos.

Travel brands have an opportunity to increase their revenue, but few of them are investing in Instagram. Too much focus is still given to direct response, which is an old medium that doesn’t pertain to the younger generation. Travel firms can easily attract attention from fun-loving millennials who are looking to travel. Simply posting up visuals of an exotic, awe-inspiring and beautiful destinations can pique the interest of the younger generations. After all, these individuals are known to make purchases that are visually-inspired.

If you’re a travel entity that’s interested in connecting with millennials on Instagram, team up with an SEO agency. The following methods will more than likely be applied to your strategy.

  1. Creating moments that are “instaggramable.” If there’s anything that turns off millennials quicker, it’s things that appear to be ungenuine. Make sure the moments you share on Instagram are authentic. Forego the professionally-staged content and settle for real imagery.
  2. Pay attention to your guests online. They may be commenting on the photos you upload, which gives you an opportunity to thank them, offer coupons or tag them. This could earn a few loyal customers.
  3. Collaborate with influencers. This makes every post of your property 20x more likable than posting it on your own account. An SEO agency oftentimes incorporates influencer outreach into their strategies.

Generate content related to travel activities. Millennials normally search around for things to do, not hotels and accommodations. Talk about events and adventures to captivate their attention.


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