Reflection: Best B2B Content of 2015

The Internet is filled with more content than we can consume. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any favorites among the millions. In the B2B world, content is just as important as it is in the B2C sector. We’ve come across all types of B2B content in 2015, including blogs, articles and eBooks. Professional SEO services in Los Angeles have been busy helping brands and companies with their content marketing and online reputation management.

So what B2B content worked for LA SEO services providers and what hasn’t? It’s always a god idea to review content strategies of others when determining the best methods to implement into your own marketing efforts. As we enter into 2016, it’s time to revise and revamp our content marketing strategies.

In this analysis, which was performed by BuzzSumo and Uberflip, the best content was based off of a number of factors. And in general, each piece of content supports at least one part of the sales funnel.

buzzsumo and uberflip analysis

You can see there’s a great assortment of content types, spanning from quizzes and videos to eBooks and list content. Let’s take a look at some of the best content from these various categories.

Research Content

This is one of the most popular forms of B2B content. It’s used to educate readers and hopefully convert them into customers. It provides value to readers and isn’t too salesy – the perfect combination. The most shared post on Buffer happened to be a research survey.

biggest social media science study

Reference Content that’s Regularly Updated

A great way to make your website and brand memorable is to create distinct content that becomes the staple of the rest of the content you publish. Reference content should be comprehensive, authoritative and regularly updated, so that it never becomes old and stale. A great example of this is Mary Meeker’s annual report.

Moz also did a great job of this with their Web Developers SEO Cheat Sheet article, which began in 2008. Today, it remains a core reference piece.

web developer cheet sheet

web developer cheet sheet 2

Guides and eBooks

These are oftentimes used as freebies to draw in traffic and get people to dish out their email addresses. Your email marketing campaigns can be a gold mine if you play your cards right. An SEO service in Los Angeles can be valuable in this area.

Intercom did fairly well with eBooks this year, which made up their top 5 most shared pieces of content in 2015. The number one most shared eBook was on customer engagement.

intercom on customer engagement

As for guides, LinkedIn did an exceptional job with its Sophisticated Markter’s Guide to LinkedIn post. It included great insights from leading marketing experts and featured a compelling visual design.

linkedin study

Hijacking News and Trending Topics

Jumping into the mix of things is an excellent way to harness traffic from current trends. This is the opposite of evergreen content, but can be equally beneficial for your website (when it comes to short-term traffic, at least). The key is to search for trending topics relevant to your industry and write about it while it’s still hot. One company that did a great job of this was Deloitte, which published a news article about marriage equality. It even used the hashtag #marriageequality to help give more traction to their piece. It’s Deloitte’s most shared article this year.

deloitte supports marriage equality

deloitte supports marriage equalityb

How to Articles

This is actually a favorite among the SEO community in Los Angeles because it offers great value to readers. Most people are looking for a way to do their jobs better. How to content in the B2B market can do great things for your brand. The best pieces are well-structured, educational and offer clear steps and visuals.  Buffer takes the cake with the fourth and fifth most shared posts this year being how to content. Both posts are practical and address problems their audience faces.

how to social media budget


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