5 Things Learned About Content Marketing in 2015


This past year was a great one for content marketers – at least those that took the time to carefully craft a strategy. In hindsight, we continue to learn from mistakes and successes. Now, that we’re in 2016, it’s time to reflect to see what lessons were learned from SEO companies in Los Angeles and abroad. Any SEO company you decide to hire should be willing to adapt and change as new evidences present themselves. This is especially true if you rely on them for your online reputation management.

So let’s see what changes we need to make in content marketing this time around.

Content Marketing Strategies Are a Must

SEO companies are taking a sophisticated approach to their content strategies. According to one study, 80 percent of B2B marketers are participating in content marketing. On average, marketers are using 28 percent of their budget on content marketing, but the most effective strategies allocate 42 percent towards content marketing. The most mature and sophisticated marketers are putting nearly half their budget (46 percent) towards content creation.

A lot of content marketers (48 percent) don’t have a documented strategy. A whopping 70 percent of marketers don’t have an integrated or consistent content strategy at all. In order to create a solid strategy, you need to study buyer personas and how your content can carry them through the sales funnel.

Research-Backed Content Fairs Better

Social shares is a big deal for content marketers and has every right to be. But according to a study by Moz, social shares don’t build links. They examined over one million posts and saw that there was no correlation between the two. In fact, the correlation between total shares and referring domain links sat at a measly 0.021.

Content Format Matters

The only thing more important than the information you’re delivering is the vehicle it’s being delivered in. People are sharing and linking to posts that are in the form of quizzes and videos. Quizzes are shared a lot, but don’t really get links. There have been instances where quizzes get as much as 200K shares and absolutely no linkage.

List Posts Perform Very Well

People like to stay on top of things they enjoy, so it makes sense that list posts would perform well. According to a BuzzSumo and Moz study, list posts are the highest performing format, getting between five and 10 times the shares as other types of content formats.

Images Really Do Matter

The images you use (or don’t use) can make or break your content. Images are especially important in social media and Web content. Facebook posts with images receive 179 percent more engagement than those that don’t and Twitter sees a 78 percent increase in shares. Articles that get the most shares have images every 75-100 words. This is why a lot of SEO companies integrate images into each content piece.


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