Social Media Marketing: Make Friends to Make Sales

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the leading marketing tool that businesses need right now. A lot of people are new to this type of marketing, though, so they aren’t sure how to best go about it. SEO companies have a lot of valuable resources and information to help with marketing campaigns like this, and will provide a lot of tips to make your strategies more effective.

The first thing that social media marketing companies will tell you is that you need to show your audience that you’re personable, trustworthy, and that you are the best resource for the product or service that you offer. It’s all about giving people that “good feeling” about their purchases, no matter what industry you’re in. Your social posts shouldn’t be promotional or sales-oriented, either. They should be attention-grabbing, informational posts that will engage your audience and get the conversation moving.

SEO companies are constantly looking for better ways to reach out to an audience, but social media definitely has a corner on the market right now. Almost half of consumers that use social media actually say that Facebook is often a deciding factor in their purchase decision. People are on social media networks for upwards of 4-5 hours per day, on average. They’re looking for something interesting, and if you have it, they’ll remember you.

People are looking for companies that they can trust, and social media gives a great platform for you to showcase that trusted authority. You can provide valuable industry information, related products or services, and other resources for the audience that follows you on social media, as well. The marketing world has changed with the evolution of the internet, and today’s consumers are waiting for you to make their acquaintance, not make them a deal.

Although it seems like an odd strategy, social media marketing companies will tell you that you have to stop thinking like a business trying to market its brand, and start thinking like a person trying to make friends. You won’t get many friends by constantly posting self-involved statuses and comments. In the same respect, neither will your business


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