The Evolution of SEO: From Keywords to Killer Content

Killer ContentSEO, or Search Engine Optimization, started out as a unique marketing tool that allowed users to connect with the businesses and content that they need based on keywords related to the industry or niche. Keyword optimization involved research and implementation of the most commonly searched terms in order to draw users in based on what they search for. It was pretty standard practice, and has gone through many innovations and changes over time.

Keywords are still important. Don’t get confused on that. You still need to utilize and target industry keywords. You should also use locations with your keyword to target local search users and provide locality information to your audience. 2015 is seeing a huge increase in local search as a means of acquiring products or services, and your marketing plan needs to account for that accordingly.

Here’s a brief timeline of the evolution of SEO for your reference:

  • 1994 saw the creation of the first crawler to index entire website pages
  • In 1997, Excite was created, becoming the first search engine to list results based on crawler findings.
  • In 1998, Google beta started the relationship between search engines and links with Link Juice
  • 1999 saw many websites disappear as new algorithms for ranking sites were developed by Altavista, a now extinct search engine.
  • 2000 brought the launch of AdWords from Google, allowing users to pay for advertising based on the number of views.
  • 2003-2010 was all about updates. First, there was the Florida update to counteract keyword stuffing. Then, Big Daddy updated. XML sitemaps were launched, Google Suggest was created, and many search engine updates were implemented to improve quality of content and reduce spam, filler content, and fluff for the sake of keyword marketing.
  • 2011, 2012, and 2013 also saw major updates, including Penguin and Hummingbird. These updates served to reduce spam and low-quality websites, focusing on the context of content versus keyword usage with the help of a new algorithm.

What This Means to You

As a business owner, you want to make sure that you’re marketing to the right people and in the right ways. That’s where the evolution of SEO comes into play. You have to know where it came from and where it stands currently so that you can maximize your marketing strategy. A professional SEO agency is your best bet to make the most of your internet marketing and SEO.


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