Rethink Your Organic Search: The SERP isn’t What it Used to Be


The Search Engine Results Page, or SERP, is the yardstick by which every online marketing campaign is measured. Getting on to that first page of results is the golden ticket for any business that is trying to build its brand and get noticed online. In the beginning, it was easy to honestly get on the results page, as there were often 10 results per page, and probably dozens of pages for everything you could possibly search.

Then, Google changed. It started offering a 7-result page that utilized expanded site-links, news, weather, visual content, and other results along with the organic search results. Today, Google can be found with as few as 1-2 organic search results on their SERP, which they have quietly transitioned to over time, putting their focus on the expanded site links and the paid listings rather than organic content. Next time you search something on Google, take a look. You used to get 10, then 7, organic search results. The other content was additional. Now, of the 7-10 results that you do get, only a few are organic. Instead, you’re being bombarded with locally relevant results, news articles, images and videos, and more.

The use of each different type of vertical actually affects organic search rankings, moving them down one position for each vertical used. That means if you appear in an SERP with two news articles and a local expanded site resource, you’re getting knocked down three spots in your organic search ranking. Google’s known for keeping people on their toes when it comes to marketing, which is why it’s helpful to have a professional SEO agency on your side.

Rather than trying to do the metrics yourself or figure out how this affects your marketing efforts, you can work with an SEO company to create an effective marketing campaign that reaches your audience. You can do this despite the changes going on in Google and despite the fact that your rankings are being affected by paid results, local brands, and the increasingly popular personalized SERP. Just focus on finding your audience and leverage your social media marketing, along with other marketing tools, and let the professionals figure out how to improve your organic search to cater to this new results page.


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