YouTube: The Heavyweight of Social Media


YouTube is not just a video sharing platform, despite what many people assume about the site. This is also a social network, and a popular one at that. The format of YouTube makes it easy to spread messages and share information across various social networks and other mediums. There are 400 tweets published every minute that include a link to a YouTube video and the search bar is second only to Google in terms of internet search popularity.

Some businesses can definitely benefit from utilizing YouTube as a part of their social media marketing strategy. There are a variety of ways to incorporate videos into your marketing plan. If you aren’t familiar with this medium or even if you just want some assistance, a social media agency might be a good investment. These professionals understand how to use social tools like videos to market a brand, and how to get noticed with social marketing. There are a lot of things to consider in this particular area of branding, but if done well, YouTube can definitely become an invaluable asset to your social media marketing strategy.

People, as consumers of information, love interactive tools and visually stimulating resources. This is why videos are such a great tool for increasing visibility and establishing a good reputation. Plus, once viewers have arrived at the website, YouTube works hard to keep the audience engaged, from related videos to comments, video sharing, and more. With this as the #2 search engine on the internet, it’s definitely worth considering for your social media marketing strategy.
Any professional social media agency will be able to help you explore the value of YouTube for your marketing and integrate it into your strategy with ease. When you post videos, people will be able to view them on a number of devices, including the new XL feature that streams videos through Google TV, Apple TV, Netflix, and Boxee TV. Many people treat their channel like it is its own website, with the main page being the home page and videos becoming subpages that lead to other content or information. YouTube also offers the one thing that every social media marketing plan needs: cross-platform interaction. YouTube users can link their account to other social media websites and accounts with just a few clicks.

I Think an Idea is a social media agency that strives to provide cutting-edge marketing solutions, including YouTube and other social media marketing, for a variety of businesses looking to build their online presence and reputation.


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