How To Find the Best Online Reputation Management Companies

Online reputation issues tend to sneak up on companies and organizations. It starts with a slow month, then your sales staff reports back that they missed a deal because of a review someone saw online, then a year later your business is down from previous years sales and every time someone mentions your brand they do it in the same breath as “Ripoff Report”.

You know you need  online reputation management by now, but how do you sort through all of the reputation management companies out there? Here are some tips on finding reputation management companies that do what they promise they can do.


1. Case Studies

Case studies are the Yelp review of the online marketing and online reputation management world. Almost every reputable rep management firm will have case studies illustrating how they were able to increase positive mentions and suppress negatives on Google. Most of these case studies will be anonymous since many clients prefer to keep their reputation management efforts a secret, but they should contain concrete examples of how a Ripoff Report was suppressed, or how negative reviews were removed.

2. References

References are a classic way to obtain information about any type of service or company. Established reputation management companies will often have a stable of credible references and reviews from satisfied clients.

3. Promises Made Vs. Promises That Can Be Kept

Beware of big promises. Many reputation management companies will promise that they can get a Ripoff Report deleted and eliminate negative Yelp reviews from any profile. In most cases, these are completely empty promises. Remember Ripoff Report doesnt delete reviews, even after a successful lawsuit. The success rate for removing most negative Yelp reviews languishes in the 10% range.

You will want to listen to reputation management companies that talk more in terms of increasing positive reviews on outlet like Yelp and suppressing negatives, like Ripoff Report, with good content.

4. Price

Reputation management is a time-consuming and labor-intensive art. It requires a small army of writers and SEO Specialists to suppress just one Ripoff Report. This kind of effort does not come cheap. The minimum price for most legitimate reputation management services starts at around $5,000. Be very wary of people who offer you amazing reputation management services on the cheap.


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