Call Tracking: The Missing Link

When it comes to SEO services you are the man with the plan. You have defined your goals and KPIs, you have created your measurement plan, you have outlined a 90 day content strategy you are confident is going to garner links, and you have every social media post outlined. The plan you have is the closest thing you have to a work of art. You have every confidence that when your marketing masterpiece rolls out you will be the hero of the companytrack

Fast forward to day 91. You have hit all of your key performance indicators. You have acquired the right number of links, your content has out performed your best estimates, organic and social traffic are up, and everything looks rosyExcept your client is not happy. Sure, you hit all these fancy looking KPIs, but where are my phone calls? I didnt see an increase in phone calls, he says. I just dont value, he concludes. Then you ask, were you tracking your calls?

The answer is almost always no.

Many businesses, which depend on telephone leads generated by organic search results, refuse to implement call tracking. Often-times, call tracking is viewed as something that is difficult to implement and does not return enough value to justify the expense.

But, when it comes time to provide ROI metrics that show the health of a content marketing strategy, the best metric phone calls and how they were generated are missing, leaving every one to guess as to whether your current SEO campaign is generating your telephone leads.

Whether you are an SEO agency with a client base that depends on phone leads, or the lone SEO specialist at a company, you need to implement call tracking as part of every marketing campaign. It needs to be a fundamental, non-negotiable part of every SEO strategy.

Todays call tracking systems – like CallRailare relatively inexpensive and extremely easy to implement and integrate into an existing phone system. If you are an SEO service implementing this type of call tracking will help you establish the success of your current marketing campaign. If you are a business, call tracking will help you allocate resources and determine the worth of your SEO agency.


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