The Power of Customer Testimonials on YouTube

TestThe Internet gave everyone a voice. This basic fact scared the bejesus out of every company in the world. Suddenly powerless consumers had a very loud voice. Platforms like Yelp became the digital equivalent of Hyde Parks SpeakersCorner. Every time a waitress at a local diner brought fried eggs instead of scrambled eggs, someone stepped up to speak their peace. Every time the cable company screwed up an internet installation, someone stepped up to decry the imperial power of Big Cable. Every time well, you get the picture.

For companies that lacked a proper reputation management strategy the Internet was a terrifying monster wielding an axe aimed right at the heart of their business. But, for companies that had implemented a proactive reputation management strategy, the internet turned into less of a monster and more of a cheerleader. Good reviews drove more business, and more business drove better reviews.

While Yelp remains the 800 pound gorilla every company must contend with, YouTube represents a 750 pound gorilla every company can use to smash their competition. How? By leveraging YouTubes massive audience and happy customers.

The Power of Video Testimonials

A picture is worth a thousand words. People have proclaimed the power of the visual since man first painted buffalo’s on the cave wall. Of all the visual arts, video is the most powerful. A video is a bridge between people. Videos create connections, they speak to people on a deep and meaningful level, and they stay with us longer after they have been viewed.

Video testimonials are a potent weapon in every companys reputation management arsenal for this reason. Video testimonials allow potential customer to form an immediate emotional bond with both your product and your existing customer.

The Power of Video Testimonials with YouTube

YouTube has over 1 billion users. If YouTube was a country it would be the third largest country in the world next to India and China. People watch hundreds of millions of You Tube videos every day. YouTube videos are also likely to rank high in Google search results.

So, by adding video testimonials to YouTube, you are presenting the most positive view of your company to the largest audience in the world. Not only are YouTube testimonials a great reputation management strategy, they represent a great low-budget advertising option for any company.


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