How to Find the Best Social Media Marketing Service

We live in a world of seemingly infinite choice. If you want to buy a television you need to sort through hundreds of differensocial mediat models, if you want to buy car insurance you have a dozen or more companies to choose from, and when you want to invest in a marketing service well, in most cases, you do not even need to look. The SEO and social media marketing agencies find you.

Even the least tech savvy business knows that to put their product or service in front of the right eyes you need a social presence to do it. But how do you choose the best social media marketing service? What do you need to know and what questions do you need to ask before you e-sign on the dotted line?

Here are a couple tips.

Look for Experience and Track Record

The Internet marketing world is comprised of two distinct groups of people: the professionals who have years of experience and a verifiable track record, and the people who got out of bed one day, looked at Facebook, and said, ME TOO! If you want results from a social media marketing campaign you will want an experienced hand at the till. You will want to ask about overall experience, the experience of an agencys employees, and you should also take a look at examples of previous campaigns as well.

Look For Tone and Voice

There are thousands of different ways to approach social media. You can be funny, you can be serious, you can provide information, or you can provide inspiration. Different social media managers have different strong suits. A social media manager who has run quirky Twitter campaigns for fashion lines may not be the best fit for an enterprise level corporation. Conversely, a social media manager who is used to working in the buttoned down world of Fortune 500 America may not be the person to run social media for a chain of bars in Los Angeles.

Think about the tone and voice of your company. Think about what you want your company to represent. Ask yourself, If my company put up a Facebook post, what would the ideal Facebook post be?When you are interviewing social media companies or getting pitched a social media service, clearly layout your company’s vision, your company’s voice, and your companys tone.


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