Santa Monica SEO – A Niche Market?

You can bet that pretty much everyone has heard of Santa Monica. It’s that place with the beach, all the surfers, and the beautiful women in bikinis, right? It’s where that pier place is in Sharknado that gets destroyed with terrible CGI, right? It’s also one of the biggest tourist destinations in the entire Los Angeles area. Even people from all over Los Angeles come down to the area to spend the day. So is Santa Monica SEO something that will really make a difference?

The answer: of course!

When people search for something in Santa Monica, and the SEO of your business isn’t good enough to make you pop up first, what happens? They don’t come in. And what happens then? No money!

Let’s create a scenario in which Santa Monica SEO could have helped a small business…let’s say a surf shop in Santa Monica:

Hilary M. is from the San Fernando Valley. She’s heard that Santa Monica is a great area for her young and size-able family to spend the day and get some surfing in. Then she types into Google, “Surf shops Santa Monica”. What happens next?

The surf shops with the right amount of Santa Monica SEO are going to pop up first, and Hilary is going to click on them first! So now your surf shop, which is on the fourth page of Google, is going to be really sad that Hilary and her family of eighteen didn’t come in and buy thousands of dollars’ worth of surf rentals and accessories for their day trip to Santa Monica!

What can be learned from this?

If your business had gotten some Santa Monica SEO, Hilary would have found you on Google, seen amazing reviews about you, and brought her abnormally large family to your shop. Then, you would have benefited from that huge sale, and then Hilary would have told all of her Valley friends that you were people to see for surf equipment in Santa Monica.

Still think Santa Monica SEO isn’t important? Didn’t think so.


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