Small Business SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

Running a small business, especially at the beginning phases, takes all of your time and energy. You have so many things on your plate, and running your website and the SEO it needs to stay relevant is not something you have time to spend countless hours perfecting. Small business SEO is a delicate game that must be played with an extreme amount of delicacy and finesse. As such, professional SEO services are a good choice for your small business if you are looking for a way to get ahead online.

Yet there are many mistakes you can make that can affect, even damage your local SEO, and here are a few you should avoid at all costs:

  1. Not Using Local Listings:

Local listing are a huge part of how Google can locate your business. Google Places is a huge resource to getting your business at the top of the digital food chain, so if you’re not using it you are wasting a valuable resource. Other sites like Yelp, Foursquare, and a few of the other local listing sites are a free resource to get your name out to the local community, which is amazing for your small business SEO.

  1. Doing it Yourself:

While your brother, cousin, or friend may claim they know how to navigate the rough waters of online marketing, you need to invest in people who actually know how. Hiring an SEO company is extremely important. These people are trained in digital marketing and have knowledge of modern and recent techniques to SEO optimize your website. An expert is what you need, not bold claims.

  1. Using A Bad SEO Company

There is nothing more harmful you can do for your business than to put your digital fate into the hands of the wrong people. Hiring a bad Internet marketing agency is one of the worst mistakes you can make. These people can do a huge amount of serious damage to your site, which will do serious damage to your business and online reputation.

So if you’ve discovered that you’ve made every single one of these mistakes, now is the time to rectify it and fix the problem. Invest in I Think An Idea so we can use our creative and unique approach to take your small business SEO and turn it into something great.


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